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Princess Zahara lost her kingdom when the Hawk Tribe invaded four years ago.


In a dusty corner of her nation, she now lives in hiding amongst a caravan of traveling merchants, yearning for a chance to reclaim the throne.


When the ancient Spider Spirit sends the Drummer to lead her into the spirit world, her quiet life is changed and her true identity is revealed. Empowered by mystical forces, Zahara and the drummer set out to fulfill her destiny.

Central City Tower has partnered with Animation Libation Studios to produce the first Spider Stories Animated Short.


Made possible with the contributions on Kickstarter from  the people.

The fearless princess of the Lion Tribe. She’s loves the thrill of adventure, which makes it tough for her to keep a low profile while in hiding. Self-confident sometimes stubborn, but caring at heart.

The drummer’s a foodie and a prankster, but he’s also the herald of the Ancient Spider Spirit. When he's not goofing off, he'll mentor her in the mystic arts. Wide eyed and easily distracted, rarely on task.

The most powerful and wise of all spirits. Long ago he united the warring Lion, Elephant, Leopard, Buffalo, and Rhino Tribes. The Lion's inherited his will and became the leaders of this new nation. He sent the drummer to train Zahara in mastering her legacy. While fearsome, he's as much of a buffoon as his herald and a bit more of a showman.