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​​Enter:  The Whistler. The enigmatic saboteur who has made a firm stance against the Lancers. A hero to some,  a menace to others.

At age 17 many would still call him a kid. Don't be fooled. He's an outsider, a powerful modder, an excellent traceur, and a master of trickery. And he likes to cook.

​Fun loving, confident, and charming, he's what you might call a lovable rogue.

He used to be something of a wandering thief, a Robin Hood kind of figure. For his skills he was recruited by The Saboteur Network, and he was only too eager to join. To him, defeating the Lancer paramilitary organization seems to be more than just a job.

The world may never know the full story behind his sudden change. Honestly, he likes to hear the rumors. All this notoriety may be starting to make him a bit cocky but he has every reason to be. At what he does, there's no one better.

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